These are links to sites I found useful for building this unit. There are also links to some of the better places I have found to find ROMs for use with any version of MAME and other arcade emulators.

Official MAME application sites
The official home of the original DOS version of MAME. There are always new Work In Progress (WIP) pictures to have a look at here. This site has all the final versions of MAME for DOS.
The official home of the MAME port for Macintosh. This site includes a link to download the latest versions on MacMAME and a News section.
Although this is credited with being the official home of MAME32, there is never usually much going on here. You could check The MAME32 QA/Test page for the latest on MAME32.

ROM sites
An all inclusive archive of arcade roms for MAME. This site apparently prides itself on being a complete "one stop shop" for arcade roms for MAME. has many roms for MAME as well as a few other emulators. They also feature news, reviews of classic arcade games, a mailbag, and coverage for classic home consoles as well. is very similar to Classicgaming. They have sections for roms for several emulators including home consoles. There are links to news about emulation and a very interesting feature about the History of Video Games. Check it out.

Add-on sites
The MAME32 QA page has lots of current information about MAME32. This is also the store house for the MAME32 icons and one version of the screen capture snapshots. Check here often to keep your copy of MAME32 current.
The Arcade Flyer Archive. This site has scans of the original arcade flyers for many of the games that MAME32 supports. Not necessary to play the games but it is a nice addition for the hardcore arcade fan.
The Arcade Art Museum. This site specializes in proving scanned photographs of arcade cabinets. If a game is cloned several times, there are usually different pictures assigned each clone.
Another source for icons for MAME. The sites author seems to keep in step with whatever version of MAME is current.
Another site for screen capture shots. Looks like they might not be updating this site anymore. May be down by the time you see this. Give it a try anyway, though.

Miscellaneous - MAME or Arcade related
Mameworld. The ultimate site for finding all things MAME. This site features daily news and happenings around the world of MAME and other arcade emulators.
This site keeps a running tally of roms that have been dumped but as yet are unemulated by MAME. Check it out. As many games as MAME emulates (with more being added all the time) it's hard to imagine this list being this big. You can also purchase arcade pc boards (some working, some not, priced accordingly) here if you are interested in building a cab around the real arcade hardware.
This is the site that got me started building these things. The Build Your Arcade Controls Homepage. This site has many (hundreds) examples of arcade controls and cabinets. There are several sections answering practically every question you might have about building your own arcade style controller or cabinet. A must see if you want try your hand at building a cab...
This site celebrates a great arcade game called Sinistar. This was the first site that I stumbled upon and is what got me started in the world of emulation. Before seeing what this guy has posted here, I did not even know there was such a thing as MAME.
An interesting site that tracks what games are supported for emulation by what emulator or front end. The database is quite large. Give it a look.
Norbert's Emulator Software. This site does not look like much but this guy has figured out a way to emulate these the hardware for these arcade roms in Java applets. You can play many of these games without MAME or any other emulator. The hitch is that that java runs faster in some machines than others. If you have a fast computer, the game may not be playable. Another drawback is that not all of the games support sound. Definitely worth a look.
Have you ever wondered where arcade game soundtrack themes come from. Some are simple, some are complex, some are stupid. This site features DJ style remixes of arcade game themes. There are a few remakes done by bands as well. All are in mp3 format so have your mp3 player ready.
Any fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) out there? If you liked that, take a look at this site. Mystery Videogame Theater 3000 (MVT3K)! Where MST3K trashed on really bad old sci-fi movies, MVT3K trashes on really bad video games. Very funny!!!
Yet another classicgaming type site. This site seems to be geared to the technogeek as much of the material is technical in nature. Many, many resources for emulation and real arcade hardware.

Arcade Gaming Products
A great site for arcade supplies. They also have gaming (casino type) supplies, pinball parts, pool and billiards accessories, coin and bill validators, monitors, etc. The list goes on and on. Fast service and a great web site. This is the company that I used for the parts in your arcade stick.
Hagstrom specializes in keyboard encoders and has a few selections designed especially to work with arcade emulators.
Andy's Arcade. This site features a couple of products that could make your life a lot easier if you are building your own cabinet/controller. The best feature is the IPAC controller, an interface similar to a keyboard encoder but much better designed and built around the MAME keys layout. I haven't actually ordered or used one yet but I plan to.
If you are not up to building your own stick but want two players to be able to go head-to-head, the V-stick may be a solution for you. There many others on the market (internet). I mention only this one due to it's fairly reasonable price. $79 at the time of this writing.
As the name implies, this site specializes in T-molding. If you don't know what T-molding is, there is a plastic edge applied to most arcade cabinets. This is T-molding. The reason it's called T-molding is because it is shaped like a letter T. The down sweep goes into a slot routed into the edge of the wood.