Update! September 20, 2000
I have finally had a chance to update the site and add a few missing items that a few people have been asking for. The biggest improvment is undoubtedly the Solder 101 soldering seminar. I have also reworked the quality level of some of the graphics to reduce file sizes and (hopefully) speed downloads up a little. The Gallery section was removed as it was just repeated pictures seen elsewhere on the site. This was replaced by a direct link to the soldering seminar. Enjoy!

This site is dedicated to chronicle the events that have led to the building of my arcade controller. It has been a short duration since I first embarked on this journey, but I have learned much in that short time. The story that follows is actually quite long and detailed. Perhaps too long and detailed to be of intrest to anyone but me. However, I have decided to post the entire chain of events as they happened on this crusade in hopes that it may inspire at least a few of you to do as I have done. The sections in the navigation bar to the left of the following pages will allow you jump from piece to piece. If you are only interested in how the unit was built, you may jump to The BOX. Those more intrepid may wish to read all that I have written. I would like to extend my thanks to Saint for his posting of The Build Your Own Arcade Controls homepage. I stumbled onto this page early on in my quest and it inspired me build this unit as you will see it here. I looked at literally every page that he had posted to his site for ideas of what others had done. I am quite sure that most visitors to this site will have come from the link on his. Please enjoy what I have posted here. There is still work to be done on the unit. I will post more pictures and content as they become available although I would not expect updates often. If you have questions about how something was done or want to know something that isn't covered, feel free to email me using the OPEN A CHANNEL link in the header bar. I cannot gaurantee an immediate response but I will try to get back you as soon as possible.

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